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Achieve with us more health,
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in sports and everyday life.

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More health and well-being

betteryou stands for quality of life, joy and satisfaction and will do everything to help you achieve these values to support. Our nutritional coaching is based on scientific analysis, whereby the individual everyday life is important is taken into account.

In this way, we develop solutions for you that are implemented in the long term can become.

My way to betterme

betteryou athletes

Joana Heidrich & Anouk Vergé-Dépré

The two beach volleyball players are currently the most successful Swiss beach volleyball duo and want to show their skills at the big highlight this summer. In nutrition, they rely on the competences of betteryou, according to their motto ‘Make the dream work!

Darian Males

The young striker signed with Inter Milan in the summer of 2020 and is currently on loan to FC Basel. When it comes to nutrition, Darian has trusted betteryou since 2019.

Ryan Regez

Ryan Regez is diligently collecting podium places in the World Cup in the discipline skicross. A vegan diet that meets his needs supports him in this.

betteryou Packages


Check-up with complete analysis for the start towards your betteryou

  • 1-1.5 months support
  • 1 x complete check-up
  • 1 x Retest
  • 1 x Phone Call
490 CHF


All-round care with extensive analyses for a better well-being

  • 4-6 months support
  • 1 x complete check-up
  • 4 x Retest
  • 1 x Phone Call
890 CHF


Sport specific improvement of your performance

  • 6-9 months support
  • 1 x complete check-up
  • 2 x large retest
  • 3 x Phone Calls
990 CHF
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betteryou Re-test

You haven’t seen us for some time or you need an additional single appointment?
No worries, we will be happy to run a full test on you again. We will provide you with a set of new analyses on your physique and
condition based on the most recently obtained data and optimise your diet and workout regime accordingly.

Click on the “Book now” button at the bottom right corner of the page to book your re-test.

Show Re-Tests


Assessment and adjustment of your diet including spiroergometry

  • Basal metabolic rate measurement
  • Spiroergometry
  • Potash measurement
  • Bio-Impendance Analysis
  • Work-Life Analysis
  • Adjustment of your diet
  • Adjustment of your workout

290 CHF


Quick and easy assessment and adjustment of your diet

  • Basal metabolic rate measurement
  • Spiroergometry
  • Potash measurement
  • Bio-Impendance Analysis
  • Work-Life Analysis
  • Adjustment of your diet
  • Adjustment of your workout

150 CHF


Are your consultations only for athletes?

Whether you want to be more vital, have health problems or want to change your body image, with our service we accompany you scientifically and with years of experience on your way to your goal.

Which package is suitable for me?

If you are unsure, we recommend our Basic Package as a start. The first appointment is identical for each of our packages. With this appointment we receive a status analysis of your organism. Based on your individual conditions and personal goals, we can then discuss the further procedure together (possibly upgrade to a larger package). In addition, you get to know your coach and can get an even better picture of the betteryou concept.

Do you also do DNA or blood analysis?

We do not do blood sampling. The measurements include spiroergometry (metabolic analysis and performance assessment on a bicycle ergometer using a special mask that measures respiratory gases). In addition, we make a caliper measurement (body fat measurement with the help of a caliper), as well as a BIA measurement (among other things, for the measurement of the water balance of the body).

Can I tell from a DNA or blood analysis which metabolic type I am?

No. Because oxygen is at the center of energy provision. Thus, more oxygen is needed for fat burning than for carbohydrates. The reason for this can be found in biochemistry. The organic compound of carbohydrates (e.g. glucose = C6H12O6) provides more oxygen than that of fats (e.g. alpha-linolenic acid = C18H30O2). Since the oxygen uptake differs or changes depending on the life situation (sleep, work, sports, etc.) and physical condition (muscular genetics, fitness level, metabolism and cardiovascular system), this can best be evaluated by spiroergometry.

Are you certified by a health insurance company?

We will be happy to issue a confirmation for your supplementary insurance after the first appointment. However, you should check directly with your insurance company whether and how much your health insurance will pay.

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